"The rigid person is a disciple of death;
The soft, supple, and delicate are lovers of life."
Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching  (via half-shy)

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I need someone to review a poem for me :/


O. That soft, evocative letter. The full moon, closed fist, pebble skipping across open water. The rim of a well you lean over but find no reflection in. Close your blinds and close your mind. Now, repeat after me: O. Oh. A realisation entering at 3 a.m., another fear catching up to you. And O, the deepest red grape he plucked from the vine and placed on your tongue. See, it is a game. Listen, it is a memory. Look, I am crying. O, I say, and the sound vibrating slowly, shyly, along the ceiling of my chest.

O, I say, and it is the mouth preparing to speak once more.


mymomfoundmyurl-deactivated2013 asked: for the poem about being in third grade and Tim... why is the title "I watched my father get a tattoo and never told anyone?"

I have a habit of preemptively telling people things about myself that should not define who I am to them but does anyway. My father had the same problem. We both metaphorically tattoo these “character definers” on our sleeves


In the 3rd grade I told Tim
“My father’s gay”, because
I liked the way his dimples curled
under his eyes when he laughed,
and I knew he’d laugh a lot
when I told him.

There was an orange silence,
and then the pattering of
recovery out of my mouth as
I told him instead, that I could
count to a thousand and three.

A thousand and three?
A thousand and three I said.
I can also light candles
with my pinky toes, and sometimes
when I think hard enough dogs
go off like car alarms.

I’m a selkie in the water, only salt,
and there are three dots on
my stomach that spell
out “Hello? Is anybody in there?”.

Occasionally I speak italian,
and my sister hums in fluent
violin. I’ve never been to
Montana but I want to live
there when I’m older because
I feel like it’d look nice on paper.

I count constellations in my free time.

Also sometimes, I’m
a werewolf.

A werewolf?
A werewolf.

One time our electricity
and water got shut off for
8 days and I hardly
bathed, not once.

But you’re a werewolf? he said
Yes I’m a werewolf, but
it’s more of an optional
thing for me if law school doesn’t
work out.

Tim nodded his little 10 year old
fingers and scratched under
his eye like he could peel
away his freckles and hide
beneath them.
That’s nice, he said, and
repositioned himself at his
desk as to turn away from

Tim and I never talked
again because I hated
the way his cheeks plummed out
when he laughed, and because
he told our entire 3rd grade class
that my father was gay.

"I Watched My Father Get a Tattoo and Never Told Anyone" Gianna Girone
"I couldn’t remember the
poem when I woke up,
but I could feel your
words like plaster in
my throat. I wrote
a preemptive obituary
"Thoughts on March 13th, 2013" Gianna Girone
"When my thirst got great enough
to ask, a stream welled up inside;
some jade wave buoyed me forward;
and I found myself upright
in the instant, with a garden
inside my own ribs aflourish. There, the arbor leafs.
The vines push out plump grapes.
You are loved, someone said.
Take that and eat it."
Mary Karr
"GOD: I own you like I own the caves.
THE OCEAN: Not a chance. No comparison.
GOD: I made you. I could tame you.
THE OCEAN: At one time, maybe. But not now.
GOD: I will come to you, freeze you, break you.
THE OCEAN: I will spread myself like wings. I am a bird
with tiny feathers. You have no idea what’s happened to me."
How We Are Hungry, Dave Eggers (via commovente)